Matchstick is Hiring

By July 23, 2015 Matchstick Staff

Matchstick is seeking an experienced photographer with skills in graphic design for a full-time position in our Liberty Village office. The photographer/graphic designer would work alongside the agency team members to develop photography and creative elements for Social Media campaigns and content for clients across various product categories.

Primary tasks will include creative production in the following areas:
• Planning, styling and executing photoshoots
• Designing and developing for Social Media channels

Ideal candidate should demonstrate:
• Strong understanding of graphic design principles and software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
• Experience/background in photography and product shoots (set-up, execution, editing)
• Understanding of photography equipment such as lenses and lighting
• Ability to plan photoshoots and source props
• Firm understanding of the content creation process (planning, production and post)
• Initiative to explore new creative ideas in the space of social media content
• Teamwork as this role will closely work with other designers, account team members and third-party vendors
• Interest in social media and be active on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
• Experience with food and beverage photography is an asset
• Knowledge of video editing using Adobe After Effects is an asset

Interested candidates should submit their CV along with a portfolio of past projects in PDF format (or URL to online portfolio) to show contact info. Deadline for consideration is July 27, 2015.

Matchstick is an independent social media marketing agency. We believe in the power of consumer word of mouth and that the most powerful selling of products and ideas take place not marketer to consumer, but consumer to consumer.

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Cramer-Krasselt, who lost domestic creative duties for Johnsonville to Droga5 following a review last December but continue to work with the brand internationally, launched a campaign for Johnsonville Canada emphasizing the company’s long history and dedication to quality ingredients.

For the campaign, Cramer-Krasselt collaborated with social media agency Matchstick and Braque, who adapted the campaign for the French Canadian market. In “Questions,” Cramer-Krasselt poses a series of questions such as “Does it really matter that we started making great sausage right here in a small butcher shop?” before answering with a resounding, “Yeah, it matters a whole heck of a lot, actually.” There’s more of an emphasis on a commitment to quality and tradition than in Droga5’s campaign, which takes a more humorous approach. “Around Here” takes a closer look at the brand’s history and small town roots.

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Being frank about your roots

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Wisconsin-based Johnsonville is hoping to grow its market penetration north of the border with its first Canada-specific campaign.

In TV spots, print ads and a series of 15 short videos being pushed on the brand’s Canadian Facebook and Twitter accounts, Johnsonville is promoting its heritage, celebrating how its roots and the methods used to make its sausages have stayed the same as the company has evolved over its 75-year history. Other videos emphasize the many different uses for the company’s products, and a social media campaign will feature a diverse range of recipe ideas every Friday that reflect Canada’s multicultural history. Recipes and other food-related content featuring Johnsonville will also be shared by influencers active in the food space, both online and at events.

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