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Matchstick Campaigns

Matchstick Campaigns

Mixed & Ready

By On March 4, 2014

Putting your brand into the hands of someone else is difficult, and often nerve-wracking. So why do it? You do it because it can be more engaging, relatable and best of all,… Read More

Matchstick Campaigns

Living Life #ONTOP!

By On February 13, 2014

This past summer Matchstick teamed up with Pinnacle Vodka on; a 360 marketing activation to drive awareness of Pinnacle in Canada through one message: “IT’S MORE FUN #ONTOP”. Matchstick’s mission was to… Read More

Matchstick Campaigns

Using Music to Break Through the Noise

By On February 28, 2013

By engaging with a classic and well-known product in a new light, the Canadian Club Mixed & Ready Cover Challenge allows consumers to redefine their brand experience. … Read More