Blogger Spotlight: Kate Killet

By April 10, 2014 Blogger Spotlight
kate killet train tracks

We’re excited to introduce the very talented, adventure seeking, Kathryn Millet, known to her readers as Kate Killet. A native Torontonian, Kate says the people, the community, and Broken Social Scene [the band] are the best things about this fine city.

Over the years, Kate’s worked with some noteworthy crews , including MuchMusic, MTV, The Toronto International Film Festival, NXNE and Hot Docs to name a few. Last summer, Matchstick was lucky enough to team up with this busy gal on our Canadian Club “Mixed & Ready Moments” video series, where she showed us how it’s done at Calgary’s X-Fest. You can check out that video here:

Kate’s love of music is beyond evident. By day, she works as an A&R rep for a major record label in Toronto and is an avid concert and festival goer (Iceland’s Airwaves is next on her bucket list). When asked what she thought was the best music video of all time, she couldn’t just give one, and said it would be “impossible to answer!” We’ve narrowed down 5 of her suggestions below:

“Met Before” by Chairlift

“Who’s That? Brooown!” by Das Racist

“A Tooth For an Eye” by The Knife

“Rose Garden” by Shad

“Baby’s Got It” by Maylee Todd

We also suggest checking out her blog if you’re in the market for some rad tunes and provoking new videos, which she posts daily – now that’s dedication.

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Mixed & Ready

By March 4, 2014 Matchstick Campaigns

Putting your brand into the hands of someone else is difficult, and often nerve-wracking. So why do it? You do it because it can be more engaging, relatable and best of all, rewarding to your fans.

Last summer, Canadian Club Mixed & Ready put their brand into the hands of 16 bloggers from across Canada. From coast to coast they captured video content, spread the word about this new product and best of all, had fun doing it. These bloggers will never forget their Mixed & Ready Moments!

Each blogger was sent to a prominent music festival in Canada, and were given a package filled with essential summer items including Mixed & Ready. They were then asked to film their weekend and capture their #mixedandready moments. There were little parameters with what they captured, and they were given freedom to capture anything they wanted. This ended up including their travel, dining, the festival itself, and much more. These were real people doing real activities, and having fun; Mixed and Ready was able to help them amplify these experiences.

Matchstick turned these experiences into a video series with 8 unique videos, which were then shared via Facebook and YouTube. These videos collectively had almost 20,000 views. The message was also shared through each blogger’s website and social sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Vine utilizing the hashtag #mixedandready. Working with bloggers who were already established within their own social spaces allowed for even greater reach potential. Through the influencers alone, the program had an audience of +330,000 consumers.

Outside of blogger participation, Mixed & Ready also wanted to involve the fans and help them achieve their own great summer moments. To do so, the blogger program was also accompanied by a Facebook promotion where fans could share their summer #mixedandready moments through a direct Facebook upload. Weekly summer kits were given away along with one grand prize which included tickets to The Grove Music Festival sponsored by Canadian Club. Bloggers were able to spread the word about the contest, but the primary form of notification was through the existing Canadian Club Facebook page. About 3 million users were reached from Mixed & Ready specific content alone. With a compliment of a paid media buy, the Mixed and Ready program was able to bring 12,000+ new fans to the Canadian Club Facebook page.


The program was able to reach people outside of Facebook by leveraging the influencer’s audience. Although there was no content specifically made for Twitter, Instagram or Vine, these influencers expanded the audience to these platforms, and were able to bring people back to Facebook. Influencers allow brands to reach farther, create collective content and most importantly, they are able to attach a real, credible face to the brand. This ability brings the brand back down to Earth, forms real connections and ultimately creates loyal life-long fans.

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Living Life #ONTOP!

By February 13, 2014 Matchstick Campaigns
pinnacle slider

This past summer Matchstick teamed up with Pinnacle Vodka on; a 360 marketing activation to drive awareness of Pinnacle in Canada through one message: “IT’S MORE FUN #ONTOP”.

Matchstick’s mission was to provide consumers with a fun, interactive online experience to support the campaign.

The big idea: Create a digital initiative that encouraged consumers to capture and share their own #ontop moments, with a focus on cocktail creation or lifestyle moments. Here’s how we did it:

The Contest:

Matchstick created, a desktop and mobile friendly destination, where users could upload, share, and eventually vote on fan submitted photos for the chance to win a trip to New York City and live life #ontop for a weekend. The result was an online gallery that housed a collection of #ontop moments from across Canada.

The Branded Hashtag:

Hashtags are quickly becoming the easiest way to categorize content online. For Pinnacle, it gave consumers a chance to associate their own #ontop moments with Pinnacle, creating a connection with the brand. To leverage this strategy, after a fan submitted a photo, it was branded with the #ontop hashtag, before appearing in the gallery.

All the Moving Parts:

A successful digital campaign must always have other support vehicles that drive awareness. That’s why Facebook posts, blogger outreach and onsite activations were put in place to help drive awareness around the contest. These promotional avenues helped propel submissions and create buzz for the contest.

Overall, the total reach for the Pinnacle #ontop Promotion, including microsite visitors and Facebook activity, reached almost 300,000 unique users. A great start to introducing Canadian vodka drinkers to living life #ontop.

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The Perfect Blog Post

By January 21, 2014 Hot Topics, what's coming:
the perfect blog post

Every blogger wants to increase engagement, and continually push content that will wield shares, comments and likes. Finding the sweet-spot for this is like hitting the blogosphere goldmine. In the quest to continually improve our blogging cred, we came across this nifty blueprint guide that offers tips and tricks on how to churn out the “perfect” blog post, every time.

See the full article and infographic from Salesforce here.

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We’re Hiring!

By January 10, 2014 what's coming:
we`re hiring

Matchstick has an opening for a social media Account Coordinator in Toronto.

This position requires an individual with deep knowledge of and strong experience in social media and digital marketing.

The ideal candidate should possess these qualities:
-    Understanding of marketing within social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr)
-    Content creation experience– writing, photography, video – and an understanding of what works and doesn’t work within social digital channels
-    Excels at writing
-    Experience with online community management
-    Awareness of Canadian social media Influencers
-    Strong organizational and time management skills
-    Competent with PowerPoint and Excel
-    1+ years digital agency experience preferred
-    Salary and compensation commensurate with experience

Matchstick is an independent social media marketing agency. We work with our clients to build Social Brands.

Please email resume and cover letter to by Wednesday, January 22, 2014.


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Faces of the Future

By December 10, 2013 Hot Topics, what's coming:
la-fi-tn-apple-patent-iphone-facial-recognitio-001 (1) (BIGGER)

Facial recognition in technology once seemed like a far off venture, but that gap of possibility is quickly closing.  Apple was recently granted a patent for “personal computing device control using face detection and recognition”. This would allow any Apple device the ability to recognize if the user standing in front of a gadget is “authorized”, and therefore would unlock that device.

Talk about some serious Face Time with technology!

Read the rest of the LA Times article here.

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2013: Most Seen Ads

By November 29, 2013 Hot Topics
2013 most seen ads

Did you catch the Geico “Hump Day” commercial this year? 4.03 Million did.

Some of the most shared commercials of 2013 came from brands like Budweiser,  Dove, Kmart and more. The chances are that you’ve seen at least one of these on your news feed this year. Whilst there doesn’t seem to be a common theme here, all these brands were able to successfully communicate with their target audiences.

You can see the full list on Mashable here

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Vine App Grows

By November 21, 2013 Hot Topics, what's coming:

The popular social media platform, Vine, is branching out (pun intended). The application is now available on Windows phones.

Read more on Mashable here.


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X-ray vision for consumers

By November 19, 2013 Hot Topics



A new X-ray vision technology called “Beacon” and “iBeacon” sees through product marketing, packaging and advertising. What does this mean for the future of marketing?

Read more on adage here.

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Zuckerberg Snapshot Goes Viral

By November 14, 2013 Hot Topics

tweetAn intimate family photo posted online by Randi Zuckerberg – previous marketing manager at Facebook  and sister of Mark Zuckerberg – went viral and was broadcast to the world. In reaction to this, Randi Zuckerberg explains  ‘Zuck’s Law’ and discusses boundaries pertaining to information sharing on social media.

Read the article from WIRED here. 

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